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About us

The team of the Société des Sorciers du Québec is a fortuitous meeting and of interest between the world of the Sorcerers and the Non-Sorcerers. Faced with many challenges, many of them have abandoned their work tools or their objects of passion for "the magic wand": Renée-Claude Auclair, importer and co-founder of the Festival de Magie de Québec; Caroline Roy, specialist in marketing research and surveys; Pierre Hamon, mentalist and co-founder of the Festival de Magie de Québec; and Jean-Paul Desjardins, strategic advisor cheerfully handling the golf club.


Initiator of the event "Les Sorcelleries de Québec" and well supported by an army of designers, researchers (in this case the historian Jean Provencher), this group believes in the future of both worlds, to a collective enrichment. Moreover, each one developed skills, according to their aptitudes and their experience: Renée Claude, luminist and manufacturer of magic objects, Caroline, master of the proportions, knowing all about the origin of the Sorcerers and the Blood-of -Bouette, Pierre, specialist of appearances and disappearances and Jean-Paul, sitting at SageSénat.



Renée-Claude Auclair

Jean-Paul Desjardins 

Pierre Hamon

Caroline Roy

Strategic alliances

Jean-Paul Desjardins
Caroline Roy



Marketing and communication

Renée-Claude Auclair

Social network 


Press relations

Julie Moffet


Artistic director

Pierre Hamon

Author and scriptwriter

Alex S. Girard

Production director

Roch Poulin

Technical director

Patrick Paquet


José Morin

Graphic designer

Geneviève Dubuc


Annabelle Roy

History research

Jean Provencher

Thank you very much to all our collaborators and supporters who made this project possible.

A special thanks to "La Vierge Folle" for their collaboration for the launching of our event.

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