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People of all ages wanting to participate in the costume contest:

- Meet us in front of the stage, at the parc, at 14:30 on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.


- At this time, you will have to walk on the stage to show your costume and accessories.

A committee of 3 people will judge the contests. They will be walking incognito on the site before the contests begin.


Each day, there will be a 1st and 2nd prize for the 13 years old and under and

a 1st and 2nd prize for 14 years old and over.


In addition, during the "Bal des Sorciers" at the Fairmont Le Château Frontenac, incognito judges will also judge the costumes and accessories while wandering among the Sorcerers and the Non-sorcerers. 


The winners at the Ball will be announced during the evening. There will be one prize for 14 years old and more.


If you want to see the latest fashion among sorcerers, we invite you to visit the following Pinterest site:  

Alert to dressing heresy 

Article from the Escogriffe 

text from Pincette Bellegriffe

All the "witchiness" of good taste knows that we can not go back: the bearded chief has opened his doors to the scum Non-Sorcerers. Beyond the impacts on the quality of teaching and the wizards that will come out of Fort-Diamant in a few years, we are entitled to wonder if they will not dry up our legendary aesthetic sense. It's a secret: the practitioners of the mystical arts, by their understanding of the subtleties of existence, know what are the hits of fashion. We are fond of classics and we make them last through the ages. While they are getting rid of them at a frantic pace. One of their author has already said "fashion is a form of ugliness so unbearable that it must be changed at six months". It's the opposite of us.


The fashion of the sorcerer is the art of the accessory skilfully affixed on classics. We have always been able to arrange toga, dress, doublet, blouse, that I know, of all the times, and this, at the same time.

Once a garment has made its mark, that it has been approved by the group, why stop wearing it? In short, to allow you to remember what our fashion hits are, I put them together on a specific page.


See it as an act of memory. And, if you see one of these future sorcerer's apprentices, tell them to take inspiration from them. It is sad enough to see them soil the floor of Fort-Diamant, hope they know how to dress appropriately for the Bal des Sorciers!

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